Building my own Blog Commenting System

3rd Spetember 2018
By Tom Lu

These web is the practice results for my web knowledge accumulation during learning process, I have a dream to own a website with blog, then I can write something on it. After start to learn and practically coding my website, there is a lot of fun and also has some frustrations, finally I reach there, I like to climb mountain, though the heavy step and sweat dress, the top review is payback for my input. but so, there are tons of mistake and error, I still like to share the experience for someone who is interesting to do the same thing. Instead of to registration to anther people website as blogger, built your own, enjoy the process is good experience. Times goes very fast, then go back the review results online, whatever how ugly is, it is learning curve , I will do my best improve it.

After years to move to Canada, and as Engineer working in power industry for my life, I always struggle on the process to certify myself then I can keep my job longer, I also want to share the experience with the process to obtain my tickets for someone interesting on it. the English always is my barrier as I learning it very late, after I decided to move to Canada then start to cover Chinese to English in my mind, you also will find a lot of mistake on my language but I will not cringe and keep writing my Blog in English as much as possible, then then will become better and better.

I am not looking for the high web kick rate, due to it is really hard to find my blog location, but I trust the traditional Chinese dogma if there are good drinks don’t worry how long the way it will be found. The reason I put a horse picture on right side as due to I born at horse year, as Chinese will identify himself to different animal years, some of animal characteristic would be built in his life, run and never stop like a horse!

You also can find some naïve step for this site to change the futures and improvement while learning more, so your comments in this page as general comments for website, and also can put comments in the individual publishes for discussion, login in for help to put comments to save time for type name and passwords, not login still doing the same thing. So don't hesitantly put your comments and suggestion at below, any function error will be known as soon as possible.

Now the site is open to people who is interesting to publish your blog on it, login and send me a email to tell me your username, then I will add your username to the blogger short lists, then your login again, the site will allow you access the blog editor page, simply follow the instruction to upload three your personally pictures then go to post blog then you can start publish your own blog to this site, welcome you!

At front page of the site which is the operation online schedule tool, the tool try to find solution for all operators to build their schedule, it is very easy and fast. Differential cycle, team and differential country can use this tool build their schedule within minutes, after use "select" to save it, login again, everything is there....... it can use cell phone to review it, build in tool bar to help build your own schedule, standardize shift schedule can save time, and can input up to 15 your personal events, there is short video under Demos can help understand how to use it, click each cell can pop up events, double click each cell can help input personal events, the entire color and style can be change by yourself.

You also can send me a email to: for more detail discussion. Thank you review my website and have nice day!


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2021-08-06 01:41:27Golden Bloom Ltd.Golden Bloom Ltd.

2021-08-05 07:00:5913.00-25/2.5 Kalmar Otr 5-Pc Rim For Forklift13.00-25/2.5 Kalmar Otr 5-Pc Rim For Forklift

2021-08-04 22:34:01Polycarbonate ProfilesPolycarbonate Profiles

2021-08-04 12:49:13Neckband EarbudsNeckband Earbuds

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2021-08-04 03:00:0226 Spline Clutch26 Spline Clutch

2021-08-04 00:07:52Digital Blackboard PriceDigital Blackboard Price

2021-08-03 18:24:01Sheepskin ProductsSheepskin Products

2021-08-03 12:13:25Epe Foam Sheet Cutting MachineEpe Foam Sheet Cutting Machine

2021-08-02 20:18:291300mm Cnc Spindle Rotary Veneer Peeling Machine1300mm Cnc Spindle Rotary Veneer Peeling Machine

2021-08-02 10:14:46Absolute Black Granite HeadstoneAbsolute Black Granite Headstone

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2021-08-02 04:41:59corn bucket elevatorcorn bucket elevator

2021-08-02 00:42:51Home Appliance Ac Power CordHome Appliance Ac Power Cord

2021-08-01 22:25:32Big Wheel Scooter ElectricBig Wheel Scooter Electric

2021-08-01 20:12:46Chicken Flavor Cube WrapperChicken Flavor Cube Wrapper

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2021-07-31 22:43:15Guangzhou Jalon Power Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Jalon Power Co., Ltd.

2021-07-31 18:30:23Mobile Headphone FactoryMobile Headphone Factory

2021-07-31 16:11:28Frozen Philly Steak MeatFrozen Philly Steak Meat

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2018-09-12 03:14:52zujunHi Tom, Great,it is very convenient for the shift workers. Will talk to my co-workers. Tony

2018-12-24 23:29:23Tom reply zujunThank you!

2018-09-05 01:11:07HongtaoHey Tom! Congratulations on your first web page! One of your dreams came true! As your previous colleague and long time good friend, I'm proud of you for your great achievements! Happy for you seeing your one success after another! Appreciate your truly friendship from bottom of my mind! I'll keep on being joyful to watch your continued progress and be sure you will become more and more successful with a bright future! Once again, congratulations, my friend!!

2018-09-05 02:50:50Tom reply HongtaoGreat appreciation your comments I am really enjoy the time we worked together, I will try my best to improve this site and looking forward to see you at near future.

2018-05-05 20:35:11Maung Zaw WinGood afternoon Tom, I am appreciated for sharing your experience regarding UT1. It was amazing for me and also I am very happy and proud of such as nice friend like you ever. Thank you again for everything. Thanks!

2018-02-11 05:45:44vaughnHey Tom, I can't for the life of me find a way to post a new blog. Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) can you please help me? Thanks bud. Vaughn

2018-02-10 03:10:54vaughnGreat bio there Tom! I'm pretty impressed at how far you've been able to come, both literally, (geographically) as well as language learning and improving yourself with the station you're at in power engineering. Among other feats. Way to go!

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