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Online Shift worker and days worker schedule tool introduce

Online shift scheudle tool is design to provide a tool for the all operator in the world to build their shift schedule, one time build use it forever, Tool will automatic change schedule when the year change, it is very convenience to check shedule anytime use cell phone or computer. One year schedule just one table, it more easy planning future than monthly schedule.

Tool provide function to click the cell to find dates, hoilday,personal notes. Double click provide input function, and tool can send send remainder email and message for personal events anytime depends the time setting.Mutual shift with team number.

Tool provide maximum flexibility depends color change,option change to maximaize visualisable, Rebuild shift if any team,cycle,country change. Step by step insturction for use tool, so it is very easy to setup

Day worker also can use this tool, just setup one team for schedule, remainder funcation exactly is same with shift worker!

Step by Step for this tool:

1.Login in

2.Build your schedule

Using tool-bar or build in build your shift schedule, at tool-bar, you can use drop down to select your shift for the first team then copy to another team, use right or left shift to set up, then select for saving your schedule, login again to check you schedule

3.Use click to check you event

Click individual cell of the shift date, it will pop up a table to show the detail dat infor regards your note and working days

4 use double click to input your shcedule

double click each cell, it will show up a table to show the detail date, and notes, notes color, you can select message send or yes or no and also can do mutual with you group team nubmers

5 use update to input you phone number

on the update information, you can input you phone number and you phone provider which will send message and email to you regards your input event

6 check your time arragement at your day

you also can check your time input and change it at your days and save it if the event cell is empty, click save, it will deleted, all event is decoded no one can see it unitl you login

7 using the your color tool to adjust your shift color and patten

at your cool, provide a lot of option to choice the shchedule color and hiding the selection only leave years to simple it

8 check your country hoilday and input

you can check your country hoilday input or province hoilday input, if another people already input you don.t need to change it

9 Input your country cell phone message provider

at cell phone provider you can input it which will help send message to you